Council Districts

 This map provide a static map in PDF format of the current Council Districts within the City of Killeen.The City Secretary serves as the City Council Administrative Aide, Elections Administrator, and Records Custodian.
    Districts Map

          Current Zoning Map

 The Current Zoning Map, is the regulation of the use of real property by local government, restricts a particular               parcel to residential, commercial, industrial, or other zoning uses. The local governing body considers the   character of the property as well as its fitness for particular uses.    Killeen Zoning Map

          Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Map (ETJ)

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction or ETJ. In Chapter 42 of the Texas Local Government Code, the Texas Legislature declares    it to be State policy that ETJs be created around cities so that municipal governments can “promote and protect the    general health, safety, and welfare of persons residing in and adjacent to” the City limits. For all cities like Killeen    which exceed 100,000 population, the ETJ is defined as the area contiguous to the corporate boundaries.  Killeen ETJ

          Killeen Annexation History Map

   The City of Killeen’s Annexation History map provides a visual representation of past and current  Annexations    for  the City of Killeen. There is a table located at the bottom of the map that shows the annexation date, ordinance   number, acreage annexed and a brief description of the area annexed  Annexation Map    

          Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

  The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) establishes guidelines for the future growth of Killeen by articulating  a  vision   for  what the City of Killeen wants to be in the future. Through its goals and objectives, the plan sets in  place   a  framework  that will assist the city in future land use and development decisions in a way that  will encourage   quality development within the city. FLUM Map

          Pavement Condition Index

   The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is a numerical index between 0 and 100, which is used to indicate the general    condition of a pavement section. The PCI is widely used in transportation civil engineering and asset    management, and many municipalities use it to measure the performance of their road infrastructure and their    levels of  service..Pavement Condition Index Map    

          Capital Improvement Program

    The Engineering Division reviews all preliminary and final plats, re-plats, subdivision construction drawings and    various capital improvement project drawings for compliance with codes, regulations, standards and   adequacy of permit applications. The division also coordinates inspection services of infrastructure installation in new subdivisions   and for various capital improvement projects. Capital Improvement Programs